Gintama – First Live Action Movie

Have you guys watched the first live action adaptation of 銀魂 Gintama?

I literally howled through some of the scenes, especially since they added some bits which would resonate with fans that watched One Piece and Gundam.

Initially, I was not keen to watch it at all. Gintama is full of gags and impossible action scenes to recreate. They make the funniest expressions and throw people into the skies where they become little stars in the horizons. Then they have overpowered battle scenes and crazy moves that are too fast for the human eye to see. Well, these are all stock standard stuff that we expect in anime series, but translating them into real life just feels pretty tacky.

Then, I opened my eyes wide when I heard that 小栗旬 (Oguri Shun) was going to transform into our favourite 坂田銀時 (Sakata Gintoki). How? What? I am very partial to Oguri-san as an actor, and had watched countless works of his since I was a teenager. The last time I followed his drama was the live adaptation of 信長協奏曲 (Nobunaga Concerto), and he was also spot-on in the show. For those who haven’t seen the anime, you really should watch it. Try to suppress your inner struggle when you see the 3D-ness of the anime, because you will soon be won over by the story and the soundtrack. It helps that Miyano Mamoru is also voicing the protagonist in the anime. 🙂

Even then, real life likes to throw lots of spanners into the lives of otakus, and I am just one of them. So, I had to wait until I had the perfect day to sit and watch the whole show without interruption. I think my neighbours had a field day listening to me screech in laughter.

I’m not sure if any of you guys noticed this, but I felt that the Japanese actresses somewhat struggled to be as rude and brash as required, since the ladies in the Gintama world are pretty strong and loud. Their choice of words are not usually the ones that Japanese women use on a daily basis. Still, I do applaud them for doing a reasonably good job.

Of course, it was slightly weird to see Kagura-chan much older than her 14 year old self. I think it must be difficult to get an actual young actress on site, so in some ways, I just ignore the Kagura in my brain and start with a clean slate. I’m just not able to ship Kagura X Okita in real life then. Oh well.

They managed to recreate my all time favourite scene in the Benizakura Arc, so I was a really appeased fangirl – i.e., Gintoki reappearing on Benizakura behind Nizou’s back. Totally orgasmic.

I really enjoyed the movie. They captured the crazy expressions which the characters made, not minding how ugly they would look (and didn’t manage to look really ugly actually). The action scenes were pretty smooth and not choppy in the least. Everyone looked good and I think the cast really enjoyed themselves too.

I can’t wait for the second movie already. 🙂

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