Gintama Season 7 Episode 335 – Super Sadist and Super Sadist

I literally perked up when I saw the title. I know I know, this is simply the continuation of the previous episode – but we all know the ドS in Gintama, and that is my own bias – 沖田 総悟 (Okita Sougo). I have way too many images of him lurking in the depths of my hard drive.

The innuendos are really thickfast and heavy in this one. So much sheathing going on. Geez.

Our alien sword protagonist, Kusanagi seen going up against the alien sword villain – Maganagi. All the -gis! Well, Maganagi was really sheathing the life out of Kusanagi’s childhood alien scabbard – Scabberina. I’m sure it’s not really known as Scabberina in Japanese, but let’s give the subbers a break here. It’s probably too hard to focus.

Maganagi took control of Senbei, the poor samurai’s body was used as its vessel to cut down other swords for its nourishment. Well, in Kusanagi’s words, it is a cannibal and eats its own kind. I didn’t note if it was just cannibalism towards his alien kind, or swords in general. Either way, it is not a delightful thought. Also, do you ever wonder whether people like that ever cut their tongues accidentally whilst licking their blades dementedly? It’s Gintama – they should so do it. Present us with an awesome villain who offs himself by slicing his tongue cleanly on his blade. That’d put paper cuts to shame.

I mean, I love Okita. I wasn’t intentionally looking at where that pointy tip was directing my eyes to. Nup. *pauses*

Did I mention that I adore Okita? It is possible to keep increasing your devotion with every passing second. One intentional aim and swing was all it took to sweep troublesome people aside. Does watching these characters with swords make you wonder if it’d be cool to learn sword arts?

I literally fell off my chair. Laughing breathlessly. Clapping my hands and slapping my table repeatedly just did not do enough to convey how amused I was. Oh Gintama, you’d done it again.

And then, y’know, I couldn’t get back up onto my chair. The reference was upped another level altogether. Perhaps this is to coincide with the remake of Final Fantasy 7. Have you watched the trailer (video link) yet? Too many feels, it’s strange how it still hurts ever-so-slightly.

Seriously, we all know only Gintama gets away with such blatantly hilarious spoofs and references to popular titles. It has got to be an art, or because no one else actually executes something so funny in-our-faces.

These two men were supposed to have a sword duel to see who had madder sword skills. Yep. I didn’t know poo poos could look so swirly, cute and attractive though. Only in Japan.

Mad skills on swirly poos. Gotta love it. I’m sure the sword must be crying though. What a shitty life.

Shinpachi had the funniest straight-man commentaries in this episode. How does his seiyuu go through these lines without cracking the shits? Forgive me, I just had to drop that pun in. Well, I’m sure experience brought his performance through, since Gintama had been running for this long. By the way, I am the biggest fan of Okita x Kagura and Gin x Toshi. *ahem*

Shit got real (I’m on a roll) in the final few scenes before the episode ended, much to my chagrin. Because it was orgasmic to see a real clash between two crazily skilled fighters, and then it was SO short! But yes, when both men started fighting with 100% focus, it was delicious to behold. I hope you didn’t eat any meals whilst watching this episode. Then again, the poo poos were very cutely presented, so train your mind on that instead.

‘This guy was on a whole different level’. Hello? You are referring to Okita Sougo here. I’d always hankered for a serious battle between Okita and Gintoki. I’m sure when it comes down to it, my gut is telling me that Gintoki will win though. Hmm. I maybe an Okita fangirl, but I still have my logic firmly attached to my usually unfeminine constitution.

If nothing excites you about poo poos or silly references, watch this episode just so you can feast your eyes on the animation of this scene. Relish the unraveling of Gintoki before Okita, seen here stopping Okita’s Maganagi as the dust cleared. It is an absolutely classic shonen manoeuvre – and never too old to appreciate.

And so, Maganagi seemed to have successfully overpowered and possessed Okita – who initially abused the sword with his ドS personality. Most people think that it is probably a ruse, that Okita allowed the possession since he was a ドS. I don’t really care since Okita is pretty evil at times, so Maganagi is going to be in for a shock if it thinks it has Okita going hai-hai as its human puppet.

We’d probably be better off preparing our eyes for more sheathing action in the next episode after this shitty one (did I just drop one last terrible pun in there?). And will there be a Kagura x Okita scene at all? (Sigh).

Do we women really like men who have a hint of ドS personalities in them?

I can’t speak for all women, but I enjoy a bit of that in 2D men, and I’d be the first to bolt in the opposite direction with any other men besides that. Like, bolt.

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